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The food we put into our bodies – and sometimes the food missing from our diet – has a huge impact on our health. It’s such a powerful part of the health equation affecting everything from energy levels, weight, hormones, immunity, sleep, overall physical wellbeing as well as mood, thoughts and feelings.

Book a FREE 30-minute health and wellness call with me and discover the most important thing you can do to improve your health now.

Alison Peacham registered nutritionist

I’m Alison, a registered nutritional therapist & health coach with over 12 years of professional experience.


I specialise in women and children’s nutrition, helping them to eat well, live well and transform their health for the better.


Do you feel the time is right to prioritise your health? Have you had enough of tolerating poor health?

Take your first step to a healthier and happier you with a free initial health and wellness consultation. During this session, you will be given time to explore your health concerns, and what health means to you. I will give you some ideas and tips so you can start to improve your health right away and tell you more about how you can create the health you want and deserve.

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Are you happy with your energy levels? Feeling bloated and out of shape? Low immunity? Are you coping with a recently diagnosed condition? I offer one-to-one, personalised consultations helping women and children to transform their health.

You may be juggling family life, work & other commitments but it really is possible to get your health back on track. We’ll work together to create a strategy tailored to your unique needs. Take steps now to start your journey to a healthier & happier you.

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Heathier & Happier Children

A lack of time combined with fussy eating habits is a common challenge, but it is possible to set children on the path to a lifetime of healthy eating choices. With the right guidance and encouragement, nutritional therapy can also address many childhood conditions, including allergies, anxiety, eczema, frequent infections, weight issues and digestive problems.
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Book a FREE 30-minute consultation and find out how simple changes to diet and lifestyle can make big changes to your child’s health.

Online Group Programmes

If you’re not ready to commit to a personalised programme then sign up to a 21-day programme with a small, private supportive group with access to my expertise on a daily basis.

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Self-Learning Nutrition Courses

Self-Learning courses are a great way to get started on the journey to a new, healthier way of eating and lifestyle. You can access everything you need from home, at a pace that suits you.

I had a consultation with Alison recently and she made me feel totally at ease. She has a lovely friendly manner and I felt she really understood my concerns. She has given me a programme which is very easy to follow and I am already starting to feel the benefits. I would definitely recommend Alison as a nutritional therapist because she made the whole process feel very easy and not daunting at all.

Jane, Thames Ditton

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