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A one-to-one consultation is ideal if you’re interested in actively supporting your health and improving your overall wellbeing.

Nutritional therapists recognise that each person is an individual with unique requirements, which is where I come in. I will work with you to identify root causes of any health issues and create a tailored plan that includes the best foods for your body, a supplement programme and lifestyle recommendations.

The plan will aim to prepare you for a lifestyle change that can quickly build into a healthy, sustainable routine for life; worn out and stressed mums can regain lost energy and potentially re-discover their pre-pregnancy body. Many women never feel quite the same after having children, the demands on time and energy are endless and ‘you’ are usually the last person ‘you’ worry about. It really is possible to get back on track when you’re juggling family life, work and other commitments.

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10-Week Personalised Programme

Changing your eating habits isn’t easy. You need plenty of support and it takes time to create new eating and lifestyle habits. From experience I have found the best way to help clients reach their goals is to work with them over a period of 10 weeks or more. During your free health and wellness consultation we can discuss the best programme for you.

Programmes are designed around your individual needs and start at £285, which includes an initial and two follow-up consultations and a mini progress review call.

A health programme will typically involve the following elements and include regular support to help you implement the recommendations:

• Initial personal consultation: 75 minutes
• Follow up consultations – either face to face or via zoom/telephone. Between 45 – 60 mins
• Mini progress review calls: 30 mins
• In-depth health and lifestyle assessment to consider symptoms, medical history, family history, lifestyle and stress
• Easy to follow personalised nutrition advice and supplement plan
• Current medication and nutrients interaction evaluation if applicable
• Recommendations on diagnostic testing and interpretation
• Personal coaching to support new food choices and new habits
• Help with meal planning
• Quick and easy to prepare seasonal recipes
• Email support

The costs of clinical tests and/or supplements are not included

The first step is to book a free no obligation health and wellness consultation where we can explore your health concerns, your goals, and how we can work together to create the health you want and deserve.

My approach is to work closely with you to identify and understand where imbalances lie in your diet and lifestyle. I will ask you to complete a comprehensive health and nutrition questionnaire, which will help me to consider your symptoms, medical history, and family history. This information is key to getting to the root of the problem! Together we will begin to compile ‘your story’ – identifying your issues and goals.

The initial consultation will last for approximately 75 minutes. We’ll discuss your health concerns, based on the information you’ll have provided me with prior to the session. Only when I have a full and in-depth understanding of your issues and goals will I start creating your Health Optimisation Plan. This will be emailed to you following the consultation, including goals and a step-by-step summary of your diet, supplement and lifestyle programme.

The process sometimes, but by no means always, also involves recommending diagnostic testing (using an external lab). Examples of tests include the Comprehensive stool analysis, Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) or hormone/nutrient deficiency tests.

My consultations are carried out online, via Zoom or Skype (or phone if more convenient) rather than in person.

Follow up consultations usually last 45 – 60 minutes. We’ll discuss your progress, any challenges that you’re experiencing, and the results of any tests are explained and incorporated in your programme.

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As an experienced and passionate nutritional therapist, I’m very aware that my role is not to diagnose, claim to treat or discourage conventional medical treatment. In fact, nutritional therapy can be very effective in complementing conventional practices and I will happily work with doctors or other therapists involved in your care.

GUARANTEE of CONTINUAL SUPPORT – please be assured, once you start this exciting journey you will not be set adrift to cope on your own; I will always be available to ask questions and provide guidance – find out more about the ongoing support and inspiration I provide HERE.

I’ve had issues with my stomach for a couple of years, but with such a busy lifestyle I didn’t think I would have the time, energy or resources to overhaul my diet (or willingness stop eating the things I love!) However since the very first consultation with Alison, she has shown me that improving my health doesn’t have to be a daunting process. She took the time to understand my situation and work out a plan that fits in with my lifestyle.

Alison has been so reassuring, knowledgeable and constructive in her guidance, that I am feeling much more empowered and confident in taking the steps to improve my health. It has also brought me so much peace of mind to finally be able to understand exactly what was causing my discomfort, after so many inconclusive tests with my GP.

In just three months I’ve already seen a significant improvement in my health, and I’m feeling much more positive about the future. I couldn’t have achieved this without Alison, and I couldn’t recommend her enough.

Lian, Weybridge

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